ImagenAhhhh the Love. That wonderful feeling that surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. Love for our family, friends, and of course our Romantic Partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, long term partner, etc.)

Valentines day is around the corner, as every store has been reminding us since last December (seriously, I am talking to you K-Mart). Many of you are already sick of the holiday, or have never really liked it (yes, we know, this is a day invented by Hallmark to sell more cards (seriously people, why the hate)), but many other people love this day. We really welcome the chance to be over the top cheesy (oh yes, more than usual. It is possible, believe me).

Obviously the people who dread this day the most are the guys (although there are some rare specimens that do like it and do a great job at it). And no wonder why they are so scared of a simple date. Poor men, we women put a lot of weight on them expecting some amazing, top of all gifts ever event from our significant others (yeah, that’s right I just admit it).

Yes, yes, I hear you “independent”, “non conventional”, “i do not give a rats ass about it” “why only celebrate love one day of the year” girls, we know you have never, EVER, done this to your guys. Oh the notion of it, how dare I?. Girls will be girls, we all have done and keep pushing them, although some do it in very subtle ways, but we all women are guilty of this. YES, We are.

Sorry, I ramble back there, had to get it of my chest. Now to the real reason I started writing this.

For the past couple (more) days I’ve been thinking about why (many) women leave all the work of this celebration to our men, but we are willing to do so little ourselves? After all, the day is to celebrate the love, not just that our men have the most extraordinary women in the world (yeah, they do!). So not all the responsibility goes to the alpha male, we need to show them how amazing they are too.

So, taking a page out of our best friends page (hi bestie!), I proposed to my man that this year, I will take care of the celebrations on February 14th. (don’t worry, I have already locked him to do our 4th. year anniversary, it is only fair). I also told him I do not want flowers on that day. I will take upon myself to prepare that day and make it special for US.

Have a couple of ideas by now, but obviously cannot tell you yet what they are, come on, you don’t want me to ruin the surprise do you? Ya’ know, just in case he reads this. But I will tell everything as our 2014 Valentine’s day unfolds by next Friday. That means another post coming.